Southern Funk n Soul Rock n Roll Spiritual Blues

The BRUISED GRASS sound is a well-loved mix of musical styles: Southern Funk n Soul Rock n Roll Blues Psychedelia. Originally a project of SimpleMan Music with Warren "SimpleMan" Simpson on Vocals, Guitars and Harmonica.

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7 comments on “Bruised Grass Band – SOUTHERN FUNK n SOUL ROCK n ROLL BLUES
  1. Lucas says:

    Hey your new album rocks. Tributes to Clapton and Hendrix are right on. Ashes to Ashes is a nice ditty also. Not many standing up for what they believe in these days so kudos to your efforts. Spread the word. Get Black and Blue.

  2. Guy Longbow Moorhead says:

    Aanii..booshoo my Bro’, just received your website info. today from Paul @ PowWow
    checked out your site…. Your music and your cause is totally Awesome the song Rural Route. I’ll keep following ..baamapii Bro

  3. Another great review of THE BLACK & BLUE ALBUM … Interview with Native Voices United – USA/Canada online radio scheduled on July 8th.

  4. On August 29, 2014 Tallahassee area band “Bruised Grass” will be taking their mission to Macon, Georgia’s Grant’s Lounge. “The Leonard Peltier Freedom Event” is in partnership with SimpleMan Music, Bruised Grass and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. The band is traveling to Georgia to try promoting this event for the sake of Leonard Peltier, who is medically ailing in a Coleman, Florida Federal Correctional Institution without proper care. Signatures are
    welcome at , they are needed as well as donations. A large portion of the cover charge of $10 will go towards Leonard’s prison account, every little bit helps him.

    Bruised Grass’ activist and songwriter Warren Simpson has spoken about the band and their activism in some recent national interviews available at his Facebook site More info and how to obtain their music and merchandise at , the band’s official website.

  5. We are looking forward to updating our activism page, we want to include a section for our work with the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (See Incident at Oglala). Also we wish to include our volunteering status with “Idle No More” and “Bold Nebraska” environmental protection organizations by the THE PEOPLE.

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