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SimpleMan Music

Tallahassee Music Recording

SimpleMan Music is a production company for festival events and acts as a small record label as well. The company can facilitate and organize your festival. One successful venue that has been promoted multiple times is at Willow Pond in Monticello, Florida. Willow Pond does not provide information on festivals, please see contact information page above for booking. They do however encourage contact on weddings, parties and reunions.


The SimpleMan Music Studio, located at Willow Pond in Monticello, Florida, was built in 2013 for recording THE BLACK & BLUE ALBUM and is available for booking. You can contact the studio for any demos or recording, it comes complete with an experienced producer and engineer.

Please contact us at 850-997-1733 or

“The descent into hell is easy. The gates stand open day and night; but to re-climb the slope and escape to the upper air. This is labor.” – vigil

Bruised Grass Tribe

167850_502145747117_1281759_nMatthew Warren Simpson was born in Moultrie, Georgia on March 31, 1971. Simpson grew up as a Florida Native. Nicked named “SimpleMan” in high school for his last name. Simpson is a Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer and Sound Engineer, Humanitarian and Activist who has been in the Tallahassee, North Florida – South Georgia music scene for over 30 years. In 1989, Simpleman Music Studios at Willow Pond in Monticello, Florida was born. Monticello, Florida is near the homes of Godfather of Funk, George Clinton and the musical genius and legend Ray Charles.

In 1991, Simpson formed a band called “ANCIENT GALLERY” which took off with the help of a lot of Tallahassee friends and following; playing at a local bar “hole in the wall” with (a then band called) “Maddox CREED”; since we were all barely out of high school ourselves, the majority of live music came from the many in house concert parties at the Ancient Gallery warehouse in N.W. Tallahassee.

In 2006, THE BRUISED GRASS BAND became an active project. Bruised Grass is pure southern funk n soul rock n roll blues psychedelia. Their songs are based on real life situations and issues, they are politically motivated and written to instill change. They also write about love, life, this world and beyond. Warren ‘SimpleMan’ Simpson, a part time activist, has led the band in different formations since 2006. For the debut album and for the most part of 2012 and 2013, the lineup of musicians are the best chemically compatible musicians finally recorded by Bruised Grass. It consists of Stu Ledbetter on guitars, Mike Groh on Bass and Alex Lingle on Drums.

Bruised Grass has been from the city of Tallahassee, Florida to the Freebird Live in Jacksonville to the Hard Rock Cafe in Destin, Florida. They’ve opened up for Bo Bice and the Bellamy Brothers at Panama City Beach for the Gulf Oil Spill Benefit. In October 2012, Simpson collaborated with Michael Allman, eldest son of Gregg Allman, for a show at Tallahsseee, Florida’s Krewe De Gras. On November 9th, the City of Tallahassee awarded the band with a “People’s Choice Award”. The band plans to play Vanderfest 2014 and promote many shows for their debut, that’s right finally.

“We prefer to write songs with the consciousness of social and political awareness. Real life issues. Relative protest songs. There is nothing contrived about our style. We’re not posers. We’re all very talented musicians in our own rite. So if we do a love song, then you feel the love. One love. World peace not world order.” – SimpleMan, 2013.


Drummer for Bruised Grass Band since 2011. Drummer for life since 1999 – ALEX LINGLE, Drums


Mike Groh – Bass, Keyboards & Vocals


One of north Florida’s up and coming guitarists. Playing music is my life’s work and at 30 years old I intend to rock on for a long time to come – STU LEDBETTER, Lead Guitar

For hiring Warren Simpson for Solo Acoustic Performance or Bruised Grass as a full band, please see booking instructions.