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The Debut double CD/LP released by Bruised Grass drops on April 26, 2014. This project consisting of 18 songs took SimpleMan over a decade to write, edit, perfect musically and find the right bunch of guys to record the songs. He ended up producing the album and the band brought it all together. They recorded, mixed and mastered the project at SimpleMan Music Studios in Monticello, Florida.

The songs represent times in life over that decade. The earlier songs including 2003’s “99 Suicides” were already making a point of protest. Today the suicide epidemic has reached the proportions of 18-22 suicides a day by military personnel. Some of the latter songs like “Welcome to the Revolution” and “Come and Take It” represent the times we are in now and what can be expected to come. How this nation’s government and leaders have made drastic changes considered evil by most, hence: “They’re dancing on the Constitution, so damn us all we’re criminals of institution…


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The Black Side: Side 1

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Welcome to the Revolution


Same One

Come & Take It

Muddy & Pistol Jo

99 Suicides

Ashes to Ashes


Hard Candy Star


The Blue Side: Side 2

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Mean Street

Rural Route


I Don’t Buy It

Down In The Hole

Wearing Thin

My Own Business

Freeborn Man

By My Side

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Lawrence Blake, the artist for project can be reached for compliments and is available for art shows and hired project artwork. Larry’s email

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